Nihonbashi-Kakikara the town Welcome to the beauty salon, beauty salon Eingasu of homepage!
In Aengus, dare chair does not have to only will prepare only one . It is , if you at the same time work any person of customers technically quality fall , when applied to your satisfaction , because we believe .

Room, has a home in Glastonbury of the United Kingdom in the model, surrounded by a carefully selected antiques, paintings space
Since it has always also purification, we have to ensure guests feel very comfortable.

Japan, also received your patronage to our customers from abroad, we have also supports to allow in English from the experience of working in the United Kingdom. In addition, since the chair is only one, you can unwind and relax please.

Please try to once experience the "one day three limited", you should see a different space ... happy surely not in the other beauty salon and beauty salon.

We want to only a nice front of your eyes!
In Aengus, dare chair, we have only one available. It is, if you at the same time work any person of customers technically quality fall, when applied to your satisfaction, because we believe.

For this reason, your time of your reservation, we have to take you with a margin.

For you to your satisfaction always, I would like to ask, such as firmly hope, have gotten suggestions also to so look good on your

Do not know what will look good on their own, will be treatment with various and talk in your worries, such as. Please leave it and worry "leave our more than 90% of our customers."

If beauty salon was not good, even better was a beauty salon refugees, we have to return to assent.

Why do not you stick to your hair style? ?
Beautifully, do not enter a compromise is to be nice.

As always nice, we are conscious of the style making such As you can spend with a smile

Hairdresser of technology is also different. It had been said that can not be, in fact even Aengus which had gotten give up you will be in as much as possible possible.

Not only when I am coming to you other than the cut, your favorite shampoo + treatment presents a mini-bottle size.
We have follow-up in your home also to.

Hair worries and of, please do not hesitate to contact us as well, such as usual care.
Contact us, we wait.