Perm, Colour, all Straight, etc. with Treatment

≪Next time reservation limited discount≫
After receiving your visit, with your limited who next reservation
Color ring (root only) + you will be in treatment 30% discount
※ not be canceled
≪One-on-one makeup lessons≫
1 hour 7000 yen
Rather than basic things, I do not know the make of the way is,
the person who worries, such as do not know the make-up to look good on their own.
I bought, do not use those, and those that do not know how to use
Is a lesson to be able to use in conjunction with the one that I always use!
Without or newly aligned, we will use the center to make tools you have.

≪Aengus Large popular cotton lesson + hair arranging lesson ≫
Trowel lesson 1 hour × 2 times 30000 yen
(We will lesson lessons even for clumsy people, such as how to use a trowel not to damage, how to win correctly.)

Hair arranging lesson Once a hour 20000 yen
(We will continue to lessen the proper use of pins, well-balanced arrangement according to hairstyle.)

※ Customers who have received either one will withdraw 5000 yen lesson for another lesson.
※ You will need your own exercise to be able to do it properly.
※ There are individual differences in order to be able to do it immediately.
※ We will refuse cancellation and refund etc in the middle after application.

A proprietary new menu
Fashion Art Tattoo 3000 yen ~
(Prices change with design etc.)
※ If you feel any abnormality on your skin please drop it

It will be over one week depending on the location such as 3 days to 5 days
I paint using a safe paint on my skin, so I can drop it even if I want to drop it for one day!
Please enjoy with a sense like fashion ☆
※ Please refrain from those with alcohol allergy etc.

Cancellation policy

Our shop, the day from cancel our reservation we supposed to pay 100% of the treatment at the time of booking.
Such as the pre-check, thank you so as not to make a mistake you
At the time of cancellation, please contact us always.
In addition, it will be treated as canceled as well as late booking on the day more than 15 minutes.
Thank you so sure you can contact you in the case of late.
Regard to treatment that I am allowed to, do not we have received again and repayment etc. Because there is not again until now.
It's just, we're working As you can consent to the customer

Please note

If you have any skin disease, who have a such as allergy is on the check and the doctor, please visit us
Later, Please note that even if such as the scalp trouble does not bear responsibility.
In some cases there is also a thing to refuse treatment.
※ If early pregnancy ( Customers who entered a stable period , but you can receive the treatment , please come on top of the consultation with your doctor bidder )
※ If you have caught a flu or bad cold, who are suffering from the statutory infectious diseases, who have been taking the medicine in such mental disease
※ If there is a such as pubic lice
※ If you have been drinking