In charge of over 100,000 customers in Japan and overseas

We will propose a hairstyle that really matches our customers and will make the charm more brilliant

From Japanese experiences of engaging in the hair of Japanese customers, Asian customers as well as Westerners' customers

In order to be able to cope with any hair quality, not only to make medicine suitable for each customer

Because we are also making medicine etc according to the condition of the hair at the time of coming, we will not make the same way every time

Utilizing the experience of work in London, it is possible to correspond in English

Customers from abroad are still coming now

Special prize won prize at hair show

Acquired diploma at LONDON VIDALSASSON

About 10 stores in Tokyo After the experience Wednesday,
After returning to the UK after a few days of salon work, bridal etc in London.

2013 Private private salon in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Private hair salon
"Hair Dressing Aengus ~ Ain Gas ~" opened.